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Ghostly and Paranormal Sightings

The Acle Straight (A47)

The Haunted Acle Straight (A47)

There have also been reports of a phantom horse and cart moving across the road directly in front of oncoming vehicles, and of car drivers suddenly feeling the need to perform an emergency stop at various places along the road for no obvious reason. A strange figure with no visible face has sometimes been seen standing at the side of the road.

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Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh

Black Shuck, East Anglia's Demon Hound

The most well-known reports of Black Shuck sightings and experiences happened in two Suffolk churches in August 1577 during a terrible storm. With a large congregation at prayer in Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh the spectral hound is said to have burst through the doors and ran up the main aisle towards the nave and killed a man and a boy.

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Haunted Blickling Hall in Norfolk

Blickling Hall, Haunted by Anne Boleyn

It is now said that her headless ghost returns every year on the anniversary of her execution on 19 May. As the day becomes night and it gets closer to midnight, Anne Boleyn's ghost rides along the driveway up to the house in a coach drawn by four spectral horses and a headless horseman, with her own head on her lap.

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Hickling Broad, Norfolk

Drummer Boy Haunting of Hickling Broad

Like many areas in Norfolk, Hickling Broad is associated with a ghostly tale and reported hauntings. Local folklore tells a story that in the nineteenth century a poor local Drummer Boy from Potter Heigham came home on leave from the army just before the Battle of Waterloo and fell deeply in love with a girl from the local village.

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