The Bure Valley Railway in Norfolk

The Bure Valley Railway

The Bure Valley Railway

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The Bure Valley Railway

The Bure Valley Railway was opened in 1990 and is Norfolk's longest 15-inch gauge heritage line, and runs between Aylsham and Wroxham with stations at Brampton, Buxton and Coltishall. The railway operates services using either steam or diesel locomotives. The steam locomotives use up to ten buckets of coal on their 18 mile round trip.

The Bure Valley Railway runs on the original trackbed of the old East Norfolk Railway which was opened in 1877 and was then known as the ENR. The first section of the ENR connected Norwich and Cromer in north Norfolk. In 1880 an extension was built connecting Wroxham with Aylsham.

A visit to Aylsham and Wroxham, and an exciting trip on the Bure Valley Railway, is a great way for families to spend some time enjoying this lovely part of rural Norfolk.

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