St. Agnes Church in Cawston, Norfolk

St. Agnes Church, Cawston

St. Agnes Church, Cawston

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St. Agnes Church, Cawston, Norfolk

St. Agnes Church is a large, magnificent 14th century church in the centre of the village of Cawston in Norfolk. It is consdered one of the finest medieval churches in Norfolk and has a 120 foot bell tower that is visible for many miles around. This historic church has a fine hammer-beam roof and is decorated with fine carved angels, and has a 15th century painted rood screen with its original doors. It is now a Grade I listed building. St Agnes Church also displays many 15th century paintings by Flemish artists.

St. Agnes Church was rebuilt by the de la Poles family in the 15th century although the hammer-beam roof in the nave is largely unrestored and still shows traces of its original colour. Each post supports a large carved standing angel with outspread wings and more angels line the cornice and the apex. The finely decorated rood screen is believed to have been painted by at least three different Flemish artists - has 16 panels depicting saints, with four additional panels depicting St Jerome, St Ambrose, St Augustine and St Gregory, forming the screen doors. Above the chancel arch the red background to the former rood can still be seen, the location of the cross outlined in white.

St Agnes Church,
Church Lane,
NR10 4AG

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