City Sightseeing in Norwich

Pulls Ferry, Norwich

Pulls Ferry, Norwich

Pulls Ferry, Norwich
Pulls Ferry is a former ferry house located on the River Wensum in Norwich, Norfolk. It is a flint building and was once a 15th-century watergate. It was the route for the stone used to build Norwich Cathedral. The stone came from Caen up the rivers Yare and Wensum. A canal, specifically built by the monks, used to run under the arch, where the Normans ferried the stone and building materials to be unloaded on the spot.

The building is named after John Pull, who ran the ferry across the Wensum from 1796 to 1841. It was previously known as Sandling's, after a seventeenth-century predecessor. The ferry operated until 1943.

The ferry house adjoining the watergate was built in 1647. Both house and archway were restored in 1948-9 by Cecil Upcher.

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Sightseeing in Norwich

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You can take a trip to the medieval Norwich Castle, which is home to Norwich Museum, full of amazing artefacts that tell a historical tale of the city. Tombland, a hidden gem of Norwich. Here you'll find a variety of shops and restaurants or if you want to dive into the history a little more, visit the magnificent Norwich Cathedral, located right in the heart of the city. If you fancy a nice leisurely stroll then head to historic King Street which is nearby. You'll pass a lot of ancient style buildings and discover Dragon Hall, a medieval merchant's trading hall

Sightseeing in Norwich

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