Caister-on-Sea Caravan Rental - Popular Dates in 2018.

A list of popular dates during the 2018 season for family holidays and leisure breaks at Caister Holiday Park. Throughout the peak summer period, and over the dates shown here, Caister Holiday Park is particularly busy with holidaymakers and availability can be scarce with all holiday booking companies. Prices everywhere have to reflect the increased costs of providing holiday caravan accommodation during these times. We have kept ours to an absolute minimum. See Prices.

Date Day(s) Reason or Occasion Occasion Type
7th May 2018 Monday May Day Bank Holiday UK
28th May 2018 Monday Whitsun (Spring Holiday) Bank Holiday UK
28th May - 1st June 2018 Various Summer Half Term School Holidays *
17th June 2018 Sunday Father's Day Family Day
16th July - 5th September 2018 Various Summer Holidays School Holidays *
27th August 2018 Monday August Bank Holiday Bank Holiday UK (Ex. Scotland)
20th October 2018. Saturday Caister Halloween Party Private Party
22nd October 2018. Various Autumn Half Term School Holidays *
27th October 2018. Saturday Caister Halloween Party Private Party
28th October 2018 Sunday British Summer Time Ends  

* School holiday dates can vary between schools throughout the country.