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Please read this helpful appliance information


To light the gas fire in the lounge push in the gas control knob and turn anti-clockwise rapidly (you will hear two clicks) - the fire should now be lit. The main burner and pilot can be viewed via the small round hole in front of the radiants. Please do not get too close to the fire.


Each of the three bedrooms has its own individual warm air heating. To turn on the heating, use the switch on the wall marked "Heater" if required. Bedrooms will warm up quickly.


The bathroom heating is controlled by a switch on the wall outside the bathroom. This is located on the wall to the right of the bathroom door in the hallway.


Above the work surface there is an on/off switch for the ignition, so if the cooker doesn't seem to work, please check that this is set to the 'on' position. To light the gas/oven press the control knob and turn it, pushing the ignition button at the same time. You will hear a ticking sound. Once it is lit, hold the control knob in for 10 seconds, release it and change the temperature as required.

BOILER (Hot Water)

The boiler has been serviced and gas safety tested. In the unlikely event of no hot water, please call Reception or the 24-hour Security phone number.


Using certain electric appliances or using too many at the same time, may trip the electrical fuse box. The fuse box can be found in the wardrobe of the master bedroom and all switches should be in the 'up' position. If they are all in the 'up' position and the electricity still doesn't work please call Reception or the 24-hour Security phone number. It will then be restored as quickly as possible.


When you arrive you should find that the fridge is turned setting 1. To help save energy we'd appreciate it if you could turn it back down to number 1 when you leave. As a guide, setting 3 is usually the most effective. Please leave room in the fridge for the cool air to circulate.


This caravan is fitted with 1 smoke alarm and 2 carbon monoxide detectors which are regularly checked, but if either starts to bleep intermittently please call Reception or the 24-hour Security phone number.



01493 728 931 during normal Reception hours.
07957 570 889 all other times.

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