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Clear the Address Bar on the Taskbar of Windows 10 Pro

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How to Clear the Address Bar in the Windows 10 Pro Taskbar

The Windows Address Bar is usually shown on the Windows Taskbar at the bottom of the screen and should not be confused with a Browser's address bar which is unique to each different internet browser and often placed towards the top of its window. The Windows 10 Address Bar is another place to enter a desired web address and is a popular choice for many users who are happy to use their default browser for browsing the internet. The addresses are located in the Windows Quick Access folder.

Over time, the Windows Address Bar can become cluttered with previously typed web addresses. This address Bar can easily be cleared quickly by following the simple procedure below.

  1. Use File Explorer and browse to the Quick Access folder.
  2. Go to the top View menu and click the Options item.
  3. From the drop-down list select Change Folder and Search Options.
  4. Click the Clear button next to Clear File Explorer history.
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Page last updated: 02-May-2019 3:55 AM
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